ACTTECH“Better Technology for the future.”

  • preferred distributor and provider

    At Acttech, our vision is to become the preferred distributor and provider of state-of-the-art information technology systems, telecommunication solutions, and engineering products and equipment.

  • professionalism and customer centric approach

    At Activisys Technology, our professionalism and customer centric approach has enabled us to become one of the leading suppliers of quality products and services to a wide range of customers throughout the Middle East and Africa.

  • strategic partnerships with the best-in-class vendors

    Backed by a unique business model, our sourcing offices in Europe and North America facilitate the building of strategic partnerships with the best-in-class vendors and equipment manufacturers.

  • customer base includes large enterprises and leading business players

    Our strong customer base includes large enterprises and leading business players in the telecommunications, utilities, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.


  • Telecommunications

  • Industrial

  • Information Technology

  • Manufacturing

  • Utilities: Energy, Power and Water

  • Engineering and Construction


  • Media Converters

  • SFP/XFP Optical Transceivers

  • Switches

  • Device Networking/IT Management

  • NTP Time Server

  • Industrial/Rugged Product

Our Partners

  • Transition Networks

    Transition Networks has over 25 years of growth and expertise in hardware manufacturing, and it prides itself in providing clients the ability to affordably integrate the benefits of fiber optics into any data network. Transition designs and manufactures devices like Media Converters, Switches and various products that are built to perfection.

  • Meinberg

    Meinberg was founded in 1979 by Werner and Günter Meinberg. Its innovative product range is mainly focused on the growing field of network technology. All products are manufactured in Germany using modern and innovative tools. Their efficient testing systems ensure client satisfaction and product durability. One example of Meinberg innovation is the popular LANTIME NTP Time Server.

  • Latronix

    Lantronix, Inc. is a global provider of smart networking and communications solutions for machine to machine applications. Founded in 1989, Lantronix has its headquarters in California, U.S.A. Lantronix Technology Platforms enable users to remotely monitor, manage and access any piece of electronic equipment securely over the internet.

  • Dolphin Components

    Dolphin Components has been a leader in providing low voltage products over the last 35 years. The company imposes strict quality control and all products are manufactured in ISO certified facilities. Dolphin components realize the need to be technologically updated in today’s fast changing market and thus provide solutions to clients ensuring that there is long term compatibility.

Who We Are

Acttech is the preferred distributor and a leading supplier of high quality products and services in the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

As a group, the Acttech team provides continuous guidance to the client company and ensures alignment of all elements of our business model (values, purpose, vision, mission, and strategy).

We have strong and long standing strategic partnerships with manufacturers who share our commitment to quality and are able to deliver cost-effective, excellent products and exceptional services on time, every time.

We use innovative business and marketing strategies to provide our customers with high quality innovative products and excellent customer service. Our well established local presence in the Middle East and Africa enables us to be more accessible to our customers and continually build and maintain a close and trusted relationship.

Acttech  has been able to succeed in meeting the needs of all its stakeholders and, at the same, become a successful and profitable company. This is because of our highly qualified and experienced team that is motivated by our fundamental mission – to achieve quality, cost effective, and timely outcomes with complete customer satisfaction. Through our strategic partnerships, investment, and service offerings, Acttech has shown its commitment to creating a sustainable environment and being a significant contributor to the social and economic developments, leading to advancement in the Middle East and Africa.

Our Vision:

To become the preferred value added distributor and number one supplier of choice for world-renowned innovative products and services in the Middle East and Africa.

Our Mission:

To ensure excellent, timely, and cost effective outcomes with complete customer satisfaction. This will be achieved through our commitment to quality, state of the art products and services, global sourcing, and strong local presence.

Our Purpose:

To contribute and share in the technological and business advancements in the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

We will achieve this vision and mission:

  • By delivering state-of-the-art IT and telecommunication solutions and high-quality engineering products and services to our customers to help them meet their business needs and to sustain a competitive edge.
  • Through our centralized sourcing offices in Europe and North America, along with our strategic partnerships with the best-in-class vendors and product manufacturers.
  • By using our expanding local presence in the Middle East and Africa to continually build and maintain a close and trusted relationship with our customers.
  • Concern for Excellence
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Quality through Continuous Improvement
  • Transparency and Building Trust

A Trusted Partner: Whether we are providing our converged communications solution to an enterprise in the Middle East, supplying the latest IT systems to a blue chip company in the Gulf, or delivering an intelligent Telecommunications solution to a mobile operator in Africa, our ethos is always the same. The best results are achieved through listening and building true relationships, and this applies to both our suppliers and customers. This has allowed us to grow our business based on trust, transparency, and as a result, success.

A Specialist Team: We specialize in four areas: Information Technology, Telecommunications, Industrial, and Electronics.


  • Media Converters
    • Industrial Ethernet
    • Power over Ethernet
    • Mini Media Converter
    • Optical Mode Converters
    • Point System™ Chassis Platform
    • ION Platform
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  • Switches
    • Managed /Unmanaged Switching Products :10/100 All Copper Switches All Fiber Switches
    • PoE -Power-over-Ethernet Switching Products
    • Extended Temp Industrial Rated Switches
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  • NTP Time Server
    • LANTIME M3000
    • LANTIME M900
    • LANTIME M600
    • LANTIME M400
    • LANTIME M300
    • LANTIME M200
    • LANTIME M100
    • SyncFire 100s.
  • SFP/XFP Optical Transceivers
    • Simplex LC /Duplex LC / CWDM
    • / 10G XFP CWDM/ 10G SFP+
    • / HP Compatible /Cisco Compatible 10G SFP+
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  • Device Networking / IT Management
    • Embedded Networking
    • External Networking
    • XPrint Server Cloud Print Edition
    • XPrint Server iOS
    • Management Platform
    • vSLM™ Secure Management Software
    • Console Servers
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  • Industrial/Rugged Product
    • Industrial DIN Mounted Ethernet Switches
    • Industrial Modular Ethernet Switches
    • Industrial Power over Ethernet Switches
    • Power over Ethernet Injectors
    • Industrial Routers
    • Industrial Cellular Routers
    • Industrial Media Converters
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  • Patch Panels and Couplers
    • Cat6 Patch Panel (48 Port)
    • Cat6 Patch Panel (24 Port)
    • Cat5e Patch Panel (24 Port)
    • RJ45 To Telco Coupler (16 E1)
    • RJ45 To Telco Coupler (24 E1)
    • BNC Patch Panel (16 & 32 Port)
    • RJ45 DDF Coupler (8 Port)
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  • Other Products
    • Video and Data Systems
    • Optical Products and Components
    • Chassis, Power Supplies and Accessories
    • Balun Products
    • Super B Connectors
    • Connectors, Adapters, Cables and Fiber Optics
    • Starpod
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  • Network Interface Devices
    • Carrier Ethernet
    • TDM Multiplexer
    • TDM over IP
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  • Network Interface Cards| PCMCIA Adapters
    • CONVERGE™ EMS (Comprehensive Element and Service Management System)
    • Focal Point SNMP Software
    • DbManager Options
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  • Accessories
    • Industrial DIN Rail Mounted Power Supply
    • Redundant Power Supply
    • 12-Slot Media Converter Rack
    • 4-Slot Media Converter Shelf
    • Wall Mount Brackets
    • Switch Mounting Accessories
    • Copper Patch Cords
    • Fiber Optic Patch Cords
    • SFP+ Copper Cable Assemblies
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  • Slave/Analog/Digital Clocks
    • LED Displays
    • NTP Displays
    • Wall Clocks
  • PC Clocks
    • PCI Express Clocks
    • PCI/PCIX Clocks
    • USB Timing Devices
  • Time and Frequency Systems
    • GPS Systems
    • DCF77 Systems
    • IRIG Time Code
    • Telecom Systems
    • Master Clock Systems
    • GPS Antennas / Accessories
    • DCF Antennas / Accessories
    • FO Converter/Diplexer
    • TTL Signal Distribution

Our Divisions

  • Acttech IT

    Increasing your business efficiency, productivity, and profit with industry recognized and tailored IT systems, products, and equipment.

  • Acttech Telecom

    Satisfying the complex functional and budgetary needs of the Telecoms market with solutions backed by solid partnerships.

  • Acttech Industrial

    Supplying Power, Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Piping and Control, and Automation products and equipment to meet the requirements of companies servicing industries such as the Utilities, Energy, Petrochemical, and Industrial sectors.

  • Acttech Electronics

    With our well established and strategic partnerships with world renowned manufactures, we provide our customers with a complete product and service portfolio.

Our Partners


  • Oil And Gas

  • Financial Services

  • Information Technology

  • Industrial

  • Engineering and Construction

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Telecom

  • Manufacturing

  • Utilities: Energy Power and Water

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